College of Liberal Arts Non-Tenure Track Faculty Advisory Committee

The College of Liberal Arts Non-Tenure Track Faculty Advisory Committee represents the interests of non-tenure-track faculty (NTTF) in the College of Liberal Arts at Colorado State University. The Advisory Committee works toward the equitable treatment and professionalization of the CLA non-tenure-track faculty while also working to advance the mission of the College of Liberal Arts, and to enhance undergraduate education.

Specifically, the Advisory Committee:

  • identifies issues that concern NTTF
  • communicates NTTF concerns to Departmental, College & University administration and governance bodies
  • communicates Departmental, College & University polity and procedures, and other matters of interest to CLA NTTF
  • brings matters of merit and concern to NTTF members and the Committee on Non-Tenure-Track Faculty (CoNTTF) as needed
  • makes recommendations to CoNTTF and CLA, including changes to CLA Code

To access the Committee's Manual of Operations (MOO), click here.

CLA Advisory Committee Members are elected. Each member represents no more than 50 faculty and serves a 2-year term. 

Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Committee Members are elected from four college divisions:

  • Arts (Art & Art History; Music, Theater, & Dance)
  • Humanities (Communication Studies; English; Languages, Literatures & Cultures; Journalism & Technical Communication; Liberal Arts; Philosophy)
  • INTO
  • Social Sciences (Anthropology; Economics; Ethnic Studies; History; Political Science; Sociology)

To contact your CLA Advisory Committee Representative and for more information about our members, click here.

College of Liberal Arts Non-Tenure Track Faculty Advisory Committee decisions and accomplishments


  • Reviewed NTTF evaluation procedures across the CLA and advised the Dean on existing shortcomings and possible improvements 
  • Supported the campus CoNTTF and other groups during the process to pass Faculty Manual changes affecting NTTF contracts and appointment types 
  • Supported the CLA in providing professional development funds for NTTF, in response to a proposal from our committee in 2016 
  • Hosted a Campus Equity Week event exploring potential uses for CLA NTTF professional development monies—beyond the usual travel funding 
  • Began the process of developing promotion and rank language, anticipating further Faculty Manual changes to be voted on in Fall 2018


  • Organized & Hosted Campus Equity Week (last week in October)
  • Organized & Hosted a non-tenure-track faculty Meet & Greet with Dean Ben Withers
  • Provided feedback and support to CoNTTF's Action Plan to Transform Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Positions at CSU
  • Proposed 3 Action Plans to Dean Withers:
    • CLA Evaluation Support for departments and faculty
    • Professional Development Program for CLA NTTF equal to that supporting TTF professional development
    • CLA-AFC additional admin support for increased committee operations
  • Designed, organized, and launched this swanky website so that CLA NTTF might more easily access information about the CLA-AFC.


The CLA Advisory Committee works so that non-tenure-track faculty might live their passions as they foster the scholarly and artistic passions of their students.